Reflecting on One of My Favorite Things

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I can remember in the height of the Covid-19 outbreak when everything and everyone was shut down. That was a scary and uncertain time for many people. Businesses were at a standstill. The economy was uncertain. The health of the nation and the world were under biological attack. 

However, another thing that I recall about that time was that it forced us to pause the busyness of life, and connect with family. After all, we were stuck with them for months on end! Family game nights were revived. Living room jam sessions and karaoke nights were on the rise. Kitchen therapy sessions were a thing. The kids, the fur babies, and all of the pets were just happy to have the undivided attention of their parents.

  Family, quality time

But for me, the best memories that stand out were the times when we just had to burst out of the house, and begin regularly visiting the state parks in Savannah for walking trails, fresh air, and to take in the scenery. For my kids, it was a reason to escape our four walls... but for me, it was a reason to do something I was not making the time to do... stop, and gaze in adoration at the beautiful things that only God could create. My kids would tell you that my favorite thing to say was, "Y'all come on at let's go look at God!"

My favorite place to visit became Skidaway Island State Park . Aside from the gorgeous and serene walking and biking trails, my favorite thing about this park was the trees! When I got over the signs that gave a gentle reminder not to fret in the event you saw the occasional bobcat - as they were accustomed to seeing people (Yes, I saw and heard a few! They minded their business, I minded mine!) - my sights were focused more on the trees. The beautiful, majestic, centuries-old trees that lined numerous walking trails and made for a breathtaking experience.


Bobcat, wildlife


There was, however, one family of trees near the back of the park by the marsh that I will never forget. You have to go off the "beaten path" to see them... and yes, I went the road less traveled and ventured off into the brush beyond the path to find them! I was quarantined for quite some time and it brought the adventurer out in me! But my curiosity led me to the most beautiful and mystic connection of trees that I had ever seen. I call them "The Trinity Trees". To me, they signified the "Oneness" of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These trees were all connected by their roots; and, their connection was no secret, as their roots were above ground, audaciously displaying how they were connected, for life. I thought to myself... "Wow"! If one tree dies, they all would die. They were so intertwined, that disconnection was not an option. Their roots fed each other, sustained each other, and kept the other from falling. Each tree was leaning... but their roots were connected in the midst of them - and kept them strong and standing! Funny thing is, in the same way, so are we all. Created to be connected - both humanity and nature - we are all very beautiful patches interwoven into the same diversely created blanket. 


Skidaway Island, trees


One of the many things that I love about Savannah is that it is a unique and beautiful place, with much to see and explore, and much to connect to. I think of and visit Skidaway Island State Park often, but mostly, to visit the "Trinity Trees". Aside from the water, trees give me a great sense of connection to Creation; and make me proud and honored to be just one small part of it. 

What better way to love where you live, than to be able to pause life for just a moment, and breathe in everything God has made! Isn't that just the most beautiful thing in the world?